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Because no one should have to choose between a job or a degree.

Imagine a world where skill and effort, not money or connections, determines who gets ahead, and no one is forced to choose between  a job and a degree.

Together with our partners, the National Center for the Apprenticeship Degree (NCAD) is turning this vision into a reality. As an initiative of Reach University, NCAD is redefining the traditional pathways to success by combining paid, hands-on experience with academic learning through the Apprenticeship Degree.

Introducing the Apprenticeship Degree

It’s the same accredited college degree, delivered through a new approach. The workplace transforms into the learning place, with half of the academic credit coming from the training. Coursework empowers apprentices to apply today's newly acquired skills to tomorrow's jobs. Professors and workplace mentors collaborate, ensuring a seamless blend of theoretical understanding and practical exposure. Students earn a paycheck, build their resume, and graduate debt-free.

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Apprenticeship Degrees in Action

See how apprenticeship-based degrees are changing lives:

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