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More than a million satisfied customers have made the Ionic Breeze Silent Air Purifiers the most popular item in The Sharper Image's 25-year history of product innovations. Unlike any other air cleaner on the market, our exclusive Ionic Breeze cleans and circulates air in total silence. Also, there are no filters to replace and it's powered by just 10 watts. Because Ionic Breeze is unobtrusive, energy efficient, cost saving and absolutely silent, it is the ideal air purifier for hotels, restaurants, retail stores, office suites, schools, waiting rooms and many other public venues.

For the first time ever, Ionic Breeze is available to the professional marketplace - with Sharper Image's dedicated team of account managers ready to meet your needs with personal service and exceptional prices. You have my assurance of complete satisfaction - for you and your guests or customers - with this remarkable air cleaner.


Richard Thalheimer, Founder
The Shaper Image

Five Important Points You Should Know About The Ionic Breeze:

1. Independent Certification.
Only one brand of air cleaner - Ionic Breeze - meets the U.S. government's strict safety standards for indoor ozone and has been awarded Seals from two of the world's most respected independent asthma and allergy patient-support organizations and foundations: the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and the British Allergy Foundation. Criteria for awarding these Seals are determined by these independent organizations and their decisions to award the Seals are made independently, based on scientific testing.

2. Ionic Breeze Is Not An "Ozone Generator."
The Sharper Image agrees with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that "Ozone Generator" machines, which purport to clean air with excessive amounts of ozone, are unsafe for any home use. Don't be confused - Ionic Breeze is not one of those unsafe "Ozone Generator" machines. Ionic Breeze is an electrostatic precipitator air cleaner with a patented technology that circulates air electronically. Like other electronic appliances, Ionic Breeze air cleaners generate trace levels of ozone in barely detectable amounts.

3. Trace Ozone Parts-Per-Billion (ppb).
The U.S. safety standard for permissible ozone concentration indoors is very low - 50 ozone parts per billion parts of air - and Ionic Breeze meets that rigorous 50 ppb standard for room air cleaners. (The same standard applies to indoor medical devices.) When Consumer Reports magazine measured ozone concentrations in an open room from as close as three feet, it was a mere 18 parts per billion for Ionic Breeze. Additionally, the Ionic Breeze has three settings and the ozone safety standard is met even on High; on Medium, the ozone output is about half of that; and on the Low setting, the ozone output is again reduced by about half.

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4. Home Electrical Appliances Are Safe.
Ionic Breeze is an electronic home appliance and, as such, it generates trace levels of ozone - very small amounts of ozone molecules that are a by-product of the electrical voltage. Ionic Breeze is an electrostatic precipitator and, in ozone generation, is comparable to other everyday appliances like televisions, printers, copy machines, hair dryers and toasters. This ozone dissipates very rapidly in the environment and, at these trace levels, it is safe in the home.

5. Effective Because It Is Continuous.
Ionic Breeze is silent and more energy-efficient than other air cleaners because it circulates air electronically - eliminating the need for a motor-driven fan that makes noise and consumes power. Even the air-cleaning tests conducted by Consumer Reports magazine demonstrated that Ionic Breeze is highly effective in removing airborne particles over time - as effective as their top-rated air cleaners, but slower - particularly in the one to five micron range typical of common allergens.

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